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Alleviate the Stress of Moving Home

Some may say there is nothing more stressful than moving house.  Not sure I agree completely after having three children and a divorce! But it is certainly a time of worry with so much to think about.  Not only this, but it is a transition in life, one that will involve upheaval and unfamiliarity.  Even down to changing doctors, schools and sometimes even work.

There are many reasons to move.  Perhaps you need more space as your family grows, or maybe you are just fed up of your neighbours (been there, done that).  Whatever the reason, it is time to get the local papers out, scroll estate agents and start searching for your dream home.

Try to keep the stress to a minimum.  Allow yourself as much time as possible prior to your move, even if this means taking some time off work.  There is nothing worse than leaving it until the last minute. If you have young children, ask a family member to help look after them. 

Try to be as prepared as possible before the big day.  It can be simple things such as changing your broadband provider, register with a new GP or Dentist or setting up a temporary postal redirect in case you forget to notify somebody. Then there is the packing.  Have an idea in mind of what furniture is going where in the new house, making the move less overwhelming. 

Choose your removal company in advance and get them booked in.  When searching, try to choose a company with good reviews and a history of positive feedback.  Like us here at Rightmove Removals, we take the stress out of the day by even offering a packing service so you don’t have to. On top of that we have fantastic reviews.

Try to stay positive.  Instead of thinking negative thoughts, concentrate on why you are doing this in the first place and how it will be well worth it in the end. If you find yourself stressed and anxious, don’t be hard on yourself.  Make sure you eat and drink (Wine may help!), and get plenty of sleep.  Breathing exercises always help in stressful situations. 

Just remind yourself that it is totally normal to feel stressed out and accept that you are likely to lose some sleep, but it will be short lived.  If you are offered help, make sure you take it. 

Happy moving!

By Karen Pepper