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Moving home during Coronavirus pandemic with Rightmove Removals

In relation to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the UK 

Rightmove Removals

We are hoping our moving services will not be affected and we will be able to complete all current moves and yet to be booked moves as normal throughout.

Rightmove Removals are taking every precaution to protect ourselves and our customers from any infection and taking heed of all government advice and reassessing on a daily basis. None of our staff or their families has been affected by the virus and has not travelled to any ‘hot spot’ areas. However, there are two possibilities we have a plan for.


The first is that one of our employees could be exposed to the virus, resulting in a possible quarantine for us all. Although this is unlikely, if it were the case, we would inform our customers immediately, explaining the situation. We would look to our trusted colleagues in the moving industry to assist us with any booked work; if this is not successful we would offer a full refund for any work we could not complete.

The second scenario would be government intervention on how Rightmove Removals can work or travel, obviously, we would then have to follow the rules that were imposed on us at that time. Our contract makes provision for us to be able to subcontract, although we would always consult with our customer first.

In the event that we are unable to fulfil any contract due to the Virus, then our liability would be limited to a refund for any work not completed. We would not accept any other liability for other costs incurred as a result of us being unable to complete the contracted work.

Finally, the risk is not only to our customers it is to all of us at Rightmove Removals and our families and we would ask any of the customers that have concerns for their own health or have been advised to self-isolate ( this would include anyone within their household) to let us know promptly, so we can plan the move or delivery accordingly.

To reiterate, we have not been affected by the Coronavirus, we will update this post throughout if circumstances change.

28/03/2020 – An Update to our house moving services during Corona Virus

we need to ensure that extra precautions are put in place to protect our customers and our employees while moving your home during coronavirus. We therefore kindly ask you to take the following measures in advance of your move booked with Rightmove Removals.

Please disinfect all door handles, bannisters and work surfaces in your property before our crew arrives. (we will be happy to drop a bottle of disinfectant off the night before ( if possible) the move takes place. If required please let me know.)

Have a minimum number of people in your home when we arrive; ideally, this should be only 1 person to do the walk around.

Once you have let Rightmove Removals team in and carried out the walk around, we ask that you vacate the property if possible. Whether this is taking advantage of your daily exercise allowance or confining yourselves to an empty room once we have emptied it. (We understand this is difficult in the current circumstances of everyone and not something we want to do but feel required to due to the current circumstances.) – if you are a family of 4 for example, and we have a crew of 3, that is then 7 people in a confined space of 1 house.

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, has been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus or symptoms of Coronavirus, you must inform Rightmove Removals ASAP.

Our employees are also carrying out the following precautionary measures:

Disinfecting our vehicles at the end of each day, including all touch points internally and externally.

Following the current NHS guidelines, with regards to hygiene

Social distancing, which will include distancing themselves from customers.
Regular hand washing throughout the day, with us provides the facilities to do so.

This includes washing hands on arrival at work, on arrival at your property, on leaving your property, on arrival at your new property, on leaving your new property, and on arrival back to base – as a minimum.

Rightmove removals appreciate your cooperation in this, and we hope you understand that this is in the best interest of all of our customers and employees. Our customer’s health is important to us, and likewise, we need to ensure our teams are kept fit and well, in order to continue providing our office and home moving services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Please call Rightmove Removals on 07384309581 or email