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Moving in with a loved one

Are you in a serious relationship and want to take the next step?  For example, it may be time to move in together.  Moving house is no doubt one of the most stressful events in your life, but knowing you are moving in with a loved one can add to that stress.  There are so many things to consider.  What area are you going to relocate to? Is the garden big enough? Is there a spare room if one of you turns out to snore like a Pig? To help alleviate any anxiety, we have put together a few ideas to help you on your next exciting journey together.

Things to Consider

Depending on how long you have been together, you may still be very much in the ‘honeymoon period’.  How much do you know about each other?  You can be in a relationship with somebody for a few years and not have a clue about their living habits.  Does he leave the kitchen cupboards open ready for you to walk into?  Will she pick up a cup of tea that your halfway through to wash it up? And who will be in control of the remote? Have these discussions before you move in.  Everybody has pet hates and bad habits, so air them before you make the big step.

moving in with a loved one

What kind of relationship are you in?  Are you getting married and buying your first home?  Or perhaps you have decided against marriage, which isn’t uncommon these days.  This may not seem relevant to you moving in together, but it is in the way of legalities.  We understand it may not be a conversation you want to have before such a happy event in your relationship, but it is crucial so you both know where you stand.

Handling the Finances

Finances are stressful on any relationship.  Sit down and discuss it beforehand and express your own opinion on spending. Is one partner more frivolous than the other?  Or perhaps the opposite! You don’t want to be moving in with somebody who finds it difficult to hand over their hard earn cash each month and leave it to you to sort out.  Check each other’s history by asking about any outstanding debts they may have, what’s their monthly outgoings on their own?  You need to ensure you are going to be able to afford moving house together comfortably. 

Don’t forget the tax credits!  It may be that one of you has been claiming a level of help from the government such as tax credits based on a low income.  Make sure you go online and check their benefits calculator, keeping everything completely above board.

moving in with a  loved one

Are you both ready?

This may seem like a silly thing to ask, otherwise, why are you even considering it?  You will be surprised how many couples decide to cohabit based on finances or just on a whim.  Ask yourself if you are compatible enough to live with each other 24-7.  Are there any unresolved issues that should be dealt with beforehand?

You will no doubt have this vision in your mind on how it is going to be, all sunshine and flowers!  Hopefully, it will be, but let’s face it, how many couples move in for the first time don’t end up with a harsh reality check?  Communication is key. 

moving in with a loved one

Who will do what in a way of chores?

This is a ‘biggy’.  Before you move in together, have a list of expectations of who will be doing what.  Make it equal, especially if you are both working hard, it shouldn’t be on one person’s shoulders.  Make a rota of who cooks when, unless your other half is an awful cook, they can stick to the washing up.

Moving in with Kids

If you are bringing a family together, perhaps from a previous relationship, their needs are so important too.  They will possibly be feeling anxious themselves.  It may be a school move away from their friends.  Make sure you have everything set in place for them.  Ensure no matter where you are moving to, your child’s needs are provided for.

moving in with a loved one


Now it is time to discuss the process of the move.  Who is going to be your removal company?  Do you need temporary storage?  Get organised weeks in advance.  This will alleviate some of the stress. Have your boxes on standby, labels at the ready and get yourself a reliable, affordable removal company booked in. 

If any of you reading this article are about to embark on your next journey as a couple, we wish you all the luck in the world.