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Services for Students and Residential Properties

Are you are student about to move into accommodation?  Or perhaps your tenancy is about to end.  In order to get your deposit back, you will now have the tiresome and tedious job of fixing any issues. Be it holes in the walls or stains on furniture from those late night study sessions, (or pizza eating), we can help!  

Perhaps you have't even thought of the Windows, most people forget these.  Keeping the exterior clean is just as important as inside.  We are offering a service where we will come and thoroughly clean your windows using an Eco Friendly System, which consists of pure, filtered water whilst using a pole.  So not only will you have pristine windows with zero smudges, you will be looking after the environment at the same time.

We do also cater for residential properties.  Depending on the size, we would recommend you contact us for a quote.

If you live around the Nottingham area and home counties, contact us for a quote.