Nottingham - Derby - Chesterfield - Mansfield


RightMove Removals offer an eco-friendly window cleaning service to students, tenants and home owners of residential and student properties in and around Nottingham.

When you have your windows cleaned in the 'normal' way, you will usually find that there are streaks and smudges left behind.  What we offer is something slightly different.  Before we start washing, the water is filtered through a purifying filter system.  By doing this, you are removing natural minerals that occur in water such as Calcium. This is the main cause of white spots and smudges as they dry, therefore avoiding such issues.

This means we can get to those harder to reach places and no use of a ladder, so no risk of falling off!

What we clean:

  • Doors
  • Sills
  • Frames
  • Windows
  • Regular service from only £9

Add on services:

  • Gutter inspection and reports with recommended remedial actions.
  • Gutter cleaning, ensuring reduced water ingress into your property by sucking all the sludge, grass and weeds from your gutters.
  • Sofit and Facia cleaning
  • Driveway pressure cleaning / washing
  • Headstone cleaning and sealing
  • Concrete statues cleaned and sealed