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Why is blocked guttering a long term problem?

Blocked Guttering

Blocked guttering can be an issue for many homeowners, and is a problem that should be avoided at all costs. If a gutter is left blocked over a long period, you could face long-term issues in the future.

Water is heavy at 8 pounds per gallon. Not only will that water and debris start to smell, but it can also cause future issues with your gutter attachments. Over a while, the build-up of the extra weight can cause the attachments to come away from the wood fascia it is attached to. Leaking water will also eventually lead to any wood gradually rotting and weakening over time.

Energy efficiency has become a hot topic recently. Not only for the environment but also to cut energy bills whilst still keeping our homes warm all year round. It may not seem an obvious problem, but a blocked gutter can have a detrimental effect, causing damp, mould, bacteria, right through to structural and possibly foundation issues. If the gutter is clogged for some time, it can rot the fascia boards, therefore allowing water to enter the property, causing water damage to ceilings, woodwork, walls and windows.

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